Gen.G 2022 Worlds Media Day | Chovy, Ruler, Score answers whether Korea can WIN worlds

πŸ“’ Team GEN
πŸ“† 22nd September, 2022
πŸ•‘ Worlds 2022
πŸ“ #lck #leagueoflegends #geng

0:00 인트둜
0:16 Lehends’s thoughts on the bot lane meta at worlds
0:36 Chovy on the analysts praising him as the best mid laner of 2022 Worlds
1:12 Chovy and Ruler on being the first seed of the LCK
1:51 Score on attending his first worlds since 2018
2:35 Score is most wary of the LCK and the LCK at worlds
3:08 Peanut on his takeaways from previous worlds
3:52 Ruler on his growth as a player between 2017 and 2022
4:26 Doran on what winning worlds will mean for him
4:53 Does Doran have a victory ceremony planned for worlds?
5:11 Score on strengths and weakness of the current Gen.G
5:43 Chovy on whether he will WIN worlds
6:11 Peanut rates the jungle Maokai
6:46 Lehends on whether we will see his Singed at worlds
7:06 Score says every player on Gen.G has carry potential
7:37 Score on how the players and coaching staff on Gen.G found their dream synergy
8:39 Ruler rates Lucian-Nami at worlds patch
9:12 Score on the ONE THING Gen.G must do to win worlds
9:48 Doran on returning to worlds stage, how he has grown as a player since 2020

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