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Beta Button and Safety Score, Now What? + Tesla China Production Booming

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➤ Tesla releases FSD Beta request button and Safety Score Beta, now what?
➤ Zero intervention long FSD Beta drive:
➤ California DMV responds to CNBC inquiry on FSD Beta rollout
➤ First look at new Autopilot safety feature in action
➤ Leaked Elon Musk email
➤ New rumor on Giga Shanghai production
➤ China factories face power shortages
➤ Elon Musk comments on Tesla’s status in China
➤ Model Y delivery times move out again
➤ Tesla makes changes to annual shareholder meeting

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Editing assistance by Jasem Ashkanani
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

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