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My ONE WEEK PLAN – How to get a Perfect Credit Score for $0 | 800 + Credit for FREE

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My One Week Plan – Exactly how you can increase your credit score fast and for free 🟢Ready to Buy a House & You Don’t Know Where to Start? Start Here! My FREE Download:

🚨My Credit Playlist: />
🚨Sites and Links Mentioned in Video:
✅Get Your Free Credit Report Here:
✅What I Use to Track my credit(It’s Free):
✅Best Credit Monitoring Video –
✅Dispute Letter (Dispute in Writing in your own words, Don’t Just Copy & Paste – Certified Mail with Proof of Delivery):
✅Where to mail dispute letters:
✅Goodwill Letter (Put the letter in your own words, you can call company as well, DO BOTH)
✅Pay for Delete: (Only do this if is necessary – Remember the older it is the less impact it has on your score)
✅Credit Freeze:
✅Discover Secured Card(To Establish Credit):
✅Fair Credit Reporting Law – YOUR RIGHTS BY LAW (Including 30-day and 7-year Rule, All Inaccurate information must come off and after 7 years negative information comes off):
✅NEW Medical Debt RULES:
Beginning July 1, 2022, paid medical bills will no longer be included on credit reports issued by those three companies. Unpaid bills will be reported only if they have remained unpaid for at least 12 months. Additionally, the companies announced that starting in July 2023, they will not include information furnished to them for medical bills in collection for amounts of $500 or less.
✅Advice on Collections – See below (Paying collections does NOT automatically improve your score – The older the collection is the less impact it is having on your score, a good lender can tell you what you should focus on if you want to improve your credit for a home purchase)

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Ready to Buy Your First House? Watch these videos & Visit my playlists!
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⭐ What is Included in your Mortgage Payment:
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