I Played in a PRO FUTSAL MATCH & I SCORED 3 GOALS! (Crazy Football Skills)

LDN MOVEMENTS FC IS BACK! I Hope you guys are ready for this season…

YES GUYS! WELCOME BACK! Check out what happened when I Played in a PRO Futsal / Football / Soccer match against some VERY Skilful Footballers! Ldn Movements FC Challenged a Futsal Team to get ready for the Brand New PRO LEAGUE we will be playing in this season! There is some Crazy Skills, Goals, Fouls, Nutmegs & More in this Match! This Football Match is very Fun & Entertaining so I hope you guys enjoy! If so, please don’t forget to Smash the Like Button! Drop a comment below & don’t forget to Subscribe! #Football #Futsal #Skills

Hope everyone enjoyed the INTENSE Premier league games this weekend, Haaland is a BEAST for Man City! Here is another Match for you guys to enjoy!

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