20 Mistakes you should avoid to score 680+ In NEET 2023 & 2024.

Mistakes NEET Aspirants Make & 20 Tips to Avoid them.
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0:00- Introduction
0:34- Blaming Others For Failure in NEET
1:05- Relationships & Phone During NEET
1:53- Unecessary Books & Subscrptions
2:16- Making New Timetable Everyday
2:44- Making Notes After The Lecture
3:01-Less Focus On Notes
3:39- Not Attempting Offline Tests & Time Bound Ques. Practice
4:55- Comparing Yourself With Others
5:34- Sleeping For less than 7 Hours
6:14- AIIMS Delhi
6:43- Thinking about Future.
6:55- Stop Playing Coaching Coaching
7:53- Pay Less Attention To Backlogs
8:30- Don’t leave Chapters in MIddle
8:53- Never disrespect your Parents
9:11- Studying On Bed
9:44- Setting Big Goals

Hey Everyone!
It’s Rakshita Singh
I am a third professional MBBS student.
In this video i will be sharing 20 mistakes which can literally ruin your whole preparation journey.
Please watch the whole video properly.

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